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Healthy Eating Essay Example

Sample Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Food

❶While researchers are still studying the effects ofeating unhealthy food on breast cancer and recurrence risk, we do know that being overweight is a risk factor for both first-time and recurrent breast cancer.

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However, some kinds of fat, especially saturated fats, increase the risk for coronary heart disease by raising the blood cholesterol. Proteins are polymers of amino acids that are needed for synthesis of body proteins in muscle, organs, bone and skin, and for synthesis of enzymes, certain hormones, antibodies and a host of specialized products Human amino acid requirements: We can write a Custom Essay on Nutrition for you! The second category includes various kinds of vitamins, such as A, B, B-6, C, D, E, biotin, choline, folate, and thiamin.

They play a wide variety of roles in making our bodies work normally. For example, vitamin A is important to vision, vitamin C is important to the prevention of certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, vitamin D is important to the absorption of calcium, vitamin E has antioxidant properties, etc. The third category includes various kinds of minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, fluoride, sodium, and zinc.

Appropriate amounts of minerals are very important to our health. For example, calcium is essential for healthy bones; iron is an essential nutrient that carries oxygen, fluoride is important to healthy teeth, etc. Healthy foods are the best source of nutrients.

All of the nutrients are available from foods. Carbohydrates are abundant in present in grains and potatoes. Unsaturated fats occur in vegetable oils, most nuts, olives, avocados, and fatty fish like salmon.

Human amino acid requirements: Proteins are available from most foods, among which meat, milk, eggs are considered to be excellent in both protein quantity and quality. Vitamins exist in vegetables, fruits, animal products, and fortified foods. For examples, vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, berries, melons, tomatoes, green peppers, and leafy green vegetable. Minerals are mostly available from meat, poultry and fish. For example, red meat is a rich source of iron that is well absorbed.

Besides, there are other sources containing noticeable amounts of some nutrients. For example, fortified milk is often an excellent resource of vitamin D and calcium; tofu is probably the most preferred resource of protein and calcium for many people. Although foods can provide the nutrients to our bodies, not all of them are healthy, and some are even harmful. In recent years, people have realized more and more the harmfulness of saturated fat, addictives, and some bad eating habits.

Foods high in saturated fats tend to raise blood cholesterol. These foods include high-fat dairy products like cheese, whole milk, cream, butter, and regular ice cream , fatty fresh and processed meats, the skin and fat of poultry, lard, palm oil, and coconut oil. Many drinks contain addictives. Many people like soda drinking, but they rarely know what additives added in the drinking. The artificial sweeteners aspartame are unsafe additives are used in many diet beverages.

These additives are very harmful to our bodies. More people are getting sick, more are dying, more are parted from their dreams. Everything just seem to vanish in an instant. Proper nutrition and its maintenance had been one of the most intriguing focuses in the world today. The determining factor in the total health of an individual seems to be a thing that is very hard to catch and get that even the most advance machineries cannot offer any help.

It is, indeed, even separating itself from people, whom are which hypnotized by the hex of technos and gizmos. Thus, people nowadays are attacked by illnesses and diseases, most of which leading to the extinction of life, the abolition of existence in the world. One of the factors involved in the attainment of proper nutrition is eating. The hectic world today provides a view of a high number of people eating just to satisfy hungry stomachs without considering any nutritive value of the food being taken.

Most food establishments, restaurants, and markets offer instant food, many of which are acknowledged and favored by majority and yet considered as the worst to human health. Reality speaks that the food appeal is taken into consideration rather than its nutritional content. La Rochefoucauld once said: Modern gadgets will not provide the nutrition one needs in his stay on the grounds of earth. It is still the nature and discipline of an individual that counts in the end. Good nutritional status is noted when man benefits from a well-balanced dietary intake, manifested in a normal organ development and function, normal reproduction, growth and maintenance, optimum activity and working efficiency, resistance to infection and ability to repair bodily damage or injury.

Thus, a well-balanced diet, daily exercise, and practice of discipline reveals the necessary things one must have to attain good nutrition.

Proper nutrition means invincibility to diseases. Recently even up to now , the world was embraced by the endemic Influenza A H1N1 virus, an illness that killed a lot of human and left the world with fear and anxiety.

This shows that most people are vulnerable to diseases, with causes mostly because of improper nutrition. Due to technology, the world is left suffering.

We may not notice but our continuous act of ignoring nature is killing us little by little. Eating the right amount and kinds of food everyday is a tremendous contribution of nutrition to prevention of diseases.

Inadequate calorie intake has been demonstrated to bring about an impairment of physical efficiency, low production output and poor muscle strength and endurance. Vitamin deficiency affects physical fitness and well-being. Protein deficiency results to muscular weakness, fatigue and overall work performance. We are challenged not to be bound by the modern world. All the products of science and technology will mean nothing if we die at 20 or It will not give us the nutrition that we need to avoid H1N1 and kill every virus, disease, and infection in the world.

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Nutrition and Food Intake Essay Words | 6 Pages. Nutrition and Food Intake Since we have been learning about nutrition in class, our task was to record a food log. Nutrition requires a well-balanced diet containing nutrient and vitamins like amino acids and fatty acids.

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Healthy food includes whole grains, dairy products, eating plenty of vegetables, eggs, as well as lean meats. However, choices might not be that easy. Most of the items sold in food outlets contain a high amount of fats, sugar, and are rich in calories.

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Therefore, nutritious food is needed in our food pyramid. Nutritious food is defined as food ingestion with the purpose of obtaining of them the nutrients that the body needs to preserve the health. Examples of nutritious foods are vegetables and fruits. I believe healthy nutrition is the most important factor for maintaining and keeping good health. Healthy nutrition basically is eating healthy and balanced from all the basic food groups; which consists of the dairy group, poultry group, fruit group, vegetable group and a little from the fats, oils, and sweets groups/5(8).

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Once ready, I take the paste and rub nutritious food essay in all over the ribs. You can do this step the night before to allow for more tenderizing to the meat before nutritious food essay in goes on the grill. Search to find a specific nutrition essay or browse from the list below: Effect of Globalization on the Food Industry Introduction The food industry is a complex, diversified sector that enhances production, .