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Cause & Effect Essay: Rebellious Behavior in Teenagers

Bacons Rebellion

❶Girls will start graining inches around the hip and breast areas.

Causes of Teenage Rebellion Essay Sample

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With all these body changes teenagers also experience their first hormonal changes. Several different things happen with this. Acne is a big one for many male and female teens. Friendships will tend to turn into something more and they tend to think about the opposite sex in a more romantic way.

With all of these hormonal changes, teens think about their friends of the opposite sex differently. Girls try to look good for all the boys because they want to be noticed and awed over. If they do not get the result they are looking for they tend to get angry at themselves, because they think they are not good enough, and at the boy because they think he is to dumb to realize they are pretty.

This causes a lot of friendships to end, and more romantic relationships to begin. Some forms of rebellion can begin with pressure from peers to join in various destructive behaviors. Most of them react under those pressures by rebelling against their parents. However, it is not parents who are putting pressure on them. It is the change. That is why parents are at a loss as to the cause of the rebellion. To know how to handle rebellious teens, parents must understand the changes their teens are going through.

By acknowledging that rebellious teens are actually just reacting to changes that scare and confuse them, parents will realize that it is time to make adjustments in their parenting style. Their child is no longer that sweet, obedient, innocent little one.

Recognizing that the teenager is in a transition stage is crucial for knowing how to deal with him correctly. For example, start giving him some freedom and privacy. Those are basic privileges that each individual adult is entitled to. Since your teen is on his way to becoming one, then it is incumbent upon you to start giving him some of those.

It is essential for his growth. Teenagers are especially sensitive, and their self-esteem as tough as china. Throwing some praises their way for some positive behavior shown will go a long way.

Trusting them with some responsibilities will also boost their self-confidence. He may be clumsy; he may not know what to do; but mistakes are to be expected at such a period in his life. Parents can not do the growing up for the teen. That is up to him. Parents must understand their role in all that, which is support. Finally, parents must respect their teens as they want to be respected by them.

Breaking this rule can result to very rebellious and disrespectful behavior from teenagers. Rebellious teens who talk back and say disrespectful things to their parents are just picking up on the behavior of their parents. By entering their bedrooms and going through their stuff, you are disrespecting them.

Teenagers are entitled to some privacy. Talking about them in their presence is another form of disrespect. Parents must set a good example for their teenagers by treating them with respect. This will in turn teach them to show respect too.

Teen years are intense, but why do us kids start to drink, and if a teenagers starts to drink how can you tell? Teens usually start to drink because of peer pressure. The best way to resist the peer pressure is to know the facts about alcohol effects. Sometimes teens want to see what its like, or try to forget their loneliness and insecurity.

Teenagers also use alcohol to run from problems at home or at school. Teenagers who drink are more likely to how poor judgment and loose control over their anger. Alcohol can also cause loss of self control resulting in hurt feelings, unplanned sex, unwanted pregnancy, and even date rape.

Teenagers mostly show signs of alcohol abuse at school. Teenagers who abuse alcohol will begin to show low performance in class. Teenagers who drink also have a high risk of dropping out. Alcohol also does many things to the mind and body. For teenagers alcohol has a massive effect on the mental and psychological state of mind.

Since teenagers minds are still developing when they abuse alcohol it could cause tem to blackout o hallucinations. Alcohol also causes depression, stress, and low self-esteem. A teenager who abuses alcohol later in life could have memory problems or even loss of mental abilities. Also when teenagers abuse alcohol have high risk of physical problems.

When teenagers drink large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time they could stop breathing and cause death which is called alcohol poisoning. Parents that are extremely strict are one of the main causes of rebellion. Parents are only being strict to shield their child from bad situations and influences ;where as, the teen never sees it that way. Every teen wants to find identity and freedom.

Parents are trying to keep their teenager from growing up too quickly. Teens can not understand why their parents will not let them go to parties and hang out with the more popular teenagers. This causes teens to rebel because of the anger they feel emotionally towards their parents for not letting them do what they want to do or being too strict.

Everyone wants to feel important sometime or another. Allow your child to be part of certain decisions to be made around the house is a big step. Having the state produce more money would have helped farmers pay their debts instead of being tried in court. The legislature wanted to avoid inflation and did not want the face value of money to decline so it denied their appeal. Shays finally had enough of what he believed were unconstitutional acts.

Shays rallied hundreds of others farmers to protest against the state. Being able to occupy and maintain control of the courthouses in Massachusetts meant that no more farmers would unjustly represented in court. It is true that many of Shays Party are much dispirited, others I am told are boisterous. Unfortunately, their plan failed because the arsenal was being successfully guarded by Major General William Shephard.

As many farmers were captured, Shays was able to avoid getting caught and escaped to Vermont. Hancock, portraying mercy and forgiveness, informed the people that the rebels involved may have been misled in their participation, and if those rebels were to come forward by September 12, and pledge an oath of allegiance to the state, their actions should be forgiven.

Hancock shortly after was elected as the new governor of Massachusetts. There is no telling as to what Shays followers would have done if they had seized the federal arsenal in Springfield. Rebellion was supposed to be accomplished in a nonviolent manner. The farmers efforts to take action and not allowing courts from having their legal proceedings along with releasing fellow farmers out of jail, made the people question how safe their society was under its form of government.

It helped show some of the weaknesses the government had at the time and the changes it needed to make. The rebellion proved to other states that equal representation was needed in states in order to keep all citizens satisfied.

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Bacons Rebellion Kimberly Bailo History Review Essay 1 Bacon's Rebellion Early in , the English relocated to North America for promises of new beginnings, wealth, and religious freedom. Essay on Rebellion in Paradise Lost 17th Century English Literature Discuss the ideas of rebellion and authority in Paradise Lost by John Milton and George Herbert’s Denial and The Collar. Paradise Lost was published for the first time in , whereas Herbert’s two poems were published in