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Save the Animals: Stop Animal Testing

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❶If we accept that animals have rights then if an experiment violates the rights of an animal, it is morally wrong and any possible benefits to humanity are completely irrelevant.

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Are animal models useful?
Should Animals Continue to Be Used in Research Experiments?

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There are arguments against and for animals in research, who support animal testing seem to feel this is a " This article was adapted from "'Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or.

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Should Animals Continue to Be Used in Research Experiments? Hundreds of thousands of people make a living from breeding research animals, manufacturing the food and housing used for experiments, building the labs and research centres, staffing them and doing research. The scientific and logistical limitations incurred by the use of.

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Should animals be used in research? Animals, from the fruit fly to the mouse, are widely used in scientific research. They are crucial for allowing scientists to learn more about human biology and health, and for developing new medicines. Animal Testing - Should Animals Be Used for Scientific or Commercial Testing? Death Penalty - Should the Death Penalty Be Allowed? All proposals to use animals for research must be approved by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) set up by each research facility. Humane treatment is enforced by each facility's IACUC, and.

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Sep 04,  · Second Thoughts of an Animal Researcher. By John P the use of animals is warranted. Yet research spanning the spectrum from cognitive ethology to neuroscience has made it clear that we have. Animals Used in Research Despite growing recognition of the inadequacies of animal models and growing acceptance of alternative methods, animals continue to be used in research, testing and teaching in the United States every year.