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My Best Friend Essay

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Tips for Essay on My Best Friend
Essay on My Best Friend

She always scores good marks in the class and also helps me in studying the hard subjects. She has a good observation power and skill. She catches everything very fast whenever teacher explains the lessons in the classroom.

She plays football very well and has taken part in many school competitions and won prizes too. She is so special in my life I never do anything without her. She always becomes in a good mood and never compromises with wrong ways. She always does right things and motivates everyone in the classroom. She always has a smiling face. She is a good counsellor and loves to explain anything.

She cares her parents and grandparents and other family members. She obeys them always and other elder people of the society. I met her first time when I was in the fifth standard and now we are in 8 th standard in the same class. She is very tall and looks different from my other classmates.

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All of your wishes and the comments will be taken into account, because it is very important for us you successfully pass your projects and get an excellent grade. You can be confident that each assignment will be unique and its implementation will be done in accordance with your order and requirements. The man is a social animal. We communicate with each other and we live in groups, to be safe, to share thoughts, resources and to survive. We make special bonds with people on whom you can trust and rely on.

A friend is one of those people. Students are asked to write essays and deliver a speech on such topics. Friends are the family you can choose. The perfectly said quote to paint the picture of friends. We cannot choose our family members but we can always choose what friends we want in our life. And soon these friends become as important as our family. All the people we usually call friends are not our friends but acquaintances. So who is a best friend?

A best friend is a friend who you know will always be there for you no matter what. A best friend will always be with you in your ups and down, your happiness and sadness, your good health and illness, in every situation.

Only lucky people get a best friend and I am one of those people. I have a best friend too. His name is Atul. We are best friends from kindergarten. Since the kindergarten, we have played together, cried together, studied together, got scolded together and even had a lot of fun together. I have many friends in my class, in my society too. I play with them too but at the end of the Atul is the only friend I can trust and rely on. He always encourages me whenever I am feeling low.

He is always there whenever I need help. He never talks behind my back and also defends me if someone is talking bad about me.

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Essay on My Best Friend for Kids and School Students Friendship is a feeling of love, affection, emotion, and respect for one person to another. Life is pointless without a friend.

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My Best Friend Essay 4 ( words) The name of my best friend is Jyoti. She is my good friend and cares for me a lot. She behaves me well and helps always. I met her in class 6 and became best friend. She is my true friend because she understands me very well and cares for my every need. I like her very much. I never had any friend like her ever before.

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“My best friend” is one of the major topics for essays and speeches. Students are asked to write essays and deliver a speech on such topics. Hence, in this article, we have given you an essay on “My Best Friend”. This essay will also help you to prepare the best speech and also to write a paragraph on “My Best Friend” in your exams. A best friend is a person who is very special and with whom we can share all our feelings. Everyone has at least one best friend in their life. My best friend is _______, we both are in ______ class.

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my best friend essay in english words, my best friend essay for class 9, my best friend essay for class 10, 8, 5 my best friend essay writing. my best friend essay 2 ( words) It is very tough for everyone to be involved in the true friendship however if one get it become very lucky in a big crowd. It is a divine and most precious gift of the life.