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❶Convert the units of length from feet to m: Customer Book Reviews Highway Robbery.

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Solutions Manual College Physics Serway 9th Edition
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Here is the diagram P5. To lift the mass at a constant velocity, you need to match this force. However, the pulley system gives you a mechanical advantage of 2 the load of the mass is split for two upward pulling sections of rope. So you need half the force then if you were just lifting the mass directly. Honestly, I'm not the greatest at pulleys. While I feel like I could make a good guess I don't want to mislead you if there is some trick in here.

Hopefully someone else will come along for part b. Where theta is the angle the force is being applied. In this case, the angle is 0, so Work can be found by multiplying Force by distance. You are lifting the object 1. Pulleys give mechanical advantage by trading Force for distance. You can apply less force, but need to do so over a greater distance. You just apply the mechanical advantage noted earlier the other way.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Any help will be immensely appreciated. In fact, I'd say it was the worst textbook I have ever had for any class. Out of all the questions on homework or exams, it, maybe,helped with 2 of them.

It doesn't go into anything advanced at all. I utilized google and youtube videos for physics studying. They provided much better examples and explanations of concepts for understanding.

I suggest you do the same, if this is the book you are required to use. By Sydney on Jan 02, This product listing is VERY misleading. The access code must be purchased through the webassign website even though this listing says it comes with the book. I am not satisfied because of how misleading this was and how much time I wasted trying to figure out where to buy the code. By Blane Kile on Jun 24, By Amazon Customer on Jul 08, Keep in mind that this version of the book does NOT contain any of the post-chapter questions, they're all shoved on to webassign instead.

It only says "This Hybrid version features the same content and coverage as the full text combined with our integrated digital homework solution" which is untrue if they're not going to include all of the questions! Luckily the actual full book is in our library and someone else is helping share the questions from her book, but if the questions were necessary, this would be a huge problem!

By Zachary Edens on Feb 15, I would not waste your time with the electronic version of this book. The text itself is fine for what it is. It's trig-based physics, so formula derivations are not as in-depth and likewise for the problems.

The reason I give this one star is that the Kindle version can't seem to handle special characters like, say, subscripts? Nevermind that word processors have been doing that since the 90's. If your formula has greek letters, absolute values, or anything else that seems unnatural, then don't expect to be able to see it; instead, you'll get random shapes and numbers in their places.

Ultimately, that defeats the purpose of even having the book if I can't look up formulae or read what the problems are asking for. By Ben on May 11, Throughout this book, the chapter examples that are supposed to check comprehension and solidify concepts merely result in increased confusion.

Often the authors utilize equations not previously mentioned to solve these problems, and skip several steps in that solution, forcing any students seeking comprehension to spend excess time trying to determine how the authors found the equations necessary for simple solutions.

I have rarely been so frustrated with a text, and if I did not have access to lectures and examples on youtube, I am sure my grade would make it appear as if I am at fault for not grasping the convoluted presentations of equations in this book.

Simply put, there are far betters texts out there with chapter examples that are actually relevant to the content presented. By Amazon Customer on Jan 31, If you like to read a lot to get to the point it may work. The explanations are a bit confusing as it makes references from previous formulas presented in the book, not by its application, but by "formula 2. I would rather have a book with more mathematical perspective, but is required by the physics office.

By Julia on Sep 11, This book was hands down the work textbook I have ever used for any class, ever. I thought that the book wasn't concise, had awful explanations for problems, and had practice problems in the chapter that weren't nearly at the same level of difficulty as the problems at the end of the chapter.

I gave up on this book after a couple of chapters. I didn't open it again for the rest of the semester unless I had homework problems, and I just used my notes to help me with those. I figured that I had better find some supplement for the book as opposed to having no source to turn to or study from, so I bought a few review books.

I wound up getting an A that way. If I had used solely this book, I do not believe that I would've done well in my class. This book was required in my class, so I had no choice. If it's not required for you though, I strongly suggest that you save yourself the aggravation. This was way too expensive for the quality, anyway. By Planet West on Jan 22, An excellent buy, compared to the tissue paper binder filler you buy in the college book-stores. Web-Assign is good for two semesters, so get this book for Physics , you won't regret it!

You'll have it forever, and the quality is 10x better. By Hannah on Jul 19, The pages with homework problems were not printed in the book so you had to go online to see them.

By Shannon on Sep 09, Okay, it IS a good book. If you're looking for a book with problems in the book. I was devasted when I found out it doesn't have practice problems, its all on webassign. If you have webassign for the class then yeah, thats fine. Great physics book, easy to follow and has a lot of great practice problems, this is only half of the book so if you don't need to take the second semester it Is perfect.

Add a Book Review. College Physics, 9th Edition. Serway , Chris Vuille. Details Description Reviews Preview Author: Click on this books subject categories to see related titles: Customer Book Reviews Highway Robbery. I thought I was stupid, then I realized it was just the book. Careful with this Book. Not a very good text book. A little misleading, but the info was there! Feeling Bad for You if you have to use this book. Don't buy the kindle version. I have no idea why my university chose this book.

I am not satisfied because of how misleading this was and how much Does NOT contain the end of chapter homework questions. Look for different options. Very poorly demonstrated example problems. If you like to read a lot to get to the point Buying this book was a waste of money and time. An excellent buy, compared to the tissue paper binder filler The pages with homework problems were not printed in the If you're looking for a book with This particular edition is in a Hardcover format.

It was published by Cengage Learning and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. College Physics, Volume 1. The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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[College Physics 9th Edition Serway & Vuille Chapter 4 Problem 43] (maden.garkHelp) submitted 5 years ago * by Snowman If anybody has the solution manual for this problem I would appreciate it.

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