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Zara Case Study

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❶Irrelevant references can dismiss your success regarding your dissertation thesis writing. Explain what, if anything, the company must do to improve its competition position.

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After completion I find that the best way to improve a case is teaching it in the classroom. I taught the Zara case several times, and made some changes, before making it public. The main change was setting the ground for the final discussion on future challenges. The primary teaching objective is to dissect Zara's operation strategy and make students realize how well engrained all the components are and their consistency with Zara's value proposition.

A second goal is to open the discussion about possible challenges that could lie ahead. Here the case is open-ended and the quality of the discussion depends on students' participation, but in my experience it always goes well.

This case fits perfectly in any operations, supply chain, or strategy class for MBAs or in executive education programs. Almost invariably there will be some students that know the company, and probably many have shopped there, so that always helps in the case discussion. For many students, the case comes as a surprise. Before reading the case many believe that retailing is just about building a brand through marketing, but they soon realize that Zara was build around its operations and the brand recognition came later as a consequence.

For many it's an eye opener. For those interested, I would strongly recommend having a look at the papers I wrote from my collaboration with Zara. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them.

You can change your cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them. All fields Reference no. Go to advanced search. Staying Fast and Fresh. Improving the case Educator comment I have taught several different Zara cases over the years, as the company provides a rich example of operations innovation in support of operations-driven competitive advantage.

Teaching objectives The primary teaching objective is to dissect Zara's operation strategy and make students realize how well engrained all the components are and their consistency with Zara's value proposition. Additional resources For those interested, I would strongly recommend having a look at the papers I wrote from my collaboration with Zara.

If you have recently registered a case with us and would like the chance to talk about your experience of writing and teaching it please contact Antoinette. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. Tax ID No Keep up to date with email updates Pricing Shipping options Terms of business What's available from us?

My account New to The Case Centre? Zara is a well known and very well reputed brand name in the fashion circle and it has been declared the most marketing responding as well as efficient enterprise in the fashion industry of UK.

Zara is one of the most famous fashion brands of Inditex and was founded in the year Along with generating very huge profit margins Zara is a fashion brand name which the customers recognize very well in the fashion market Murphy, Till now the main dominance of Zara as fashion brand was found in Spain and some portions of European continent.

But now with planning further expansion we need to study the new global working environment, competitive pressures, industry surrounding as well as other factors which might affect Zara and assist in Global Strategic Management Lopez and Fan, That is why the Pestle analysis is being used for conducting the environmental analysis.

Marketing and expansion decisions do get affected strongly by the ongoing developments in the political environment. Political environment is quite peaceful in most of the countries.

Most of the countries across the globe welcome international trade despite for their political systems. Even the main base country of Zara, Spain also supports and encourages exports of the firms which will help Zara in lot many ways. Moreover the laws of international trade becoming a lot subtle and lenient, its expansion will be easier. This will help in safeguarding both Zara as well as its customers worldwide. Another very good example which Zara shows is that it promises unique and fastest designs in fashion to its customers whom it delivers both very quickly and they are exclusive too at the same time.

The economic environment mainly comprises of the factors which affect the buying power of the consumers and their spending behaviour or pattern too. The main target group of Zara is the consumer who is young and highly educated and along with that has relatively higher income. This consumer group mainly falls in the age group of or 40 years and these purchasing groups are highly sensitive about fashion and possess some amount of spending power too.

They do not have very regular consumption of high-end luxury branded merchandise. Zara has been dealing with just one currency since its origin that is Euro. The main reason is that it deals in Euro and not in Dollars which is experiencing very severe highs and lows during recession worldwide.

Since Zara has been operation in one country so it has been facing social influence which has already been handled smartly by other brands of Inditex group. The cultural roots of Spain are very independent and Zara has been very lucky to flourish in culturally independent markets of Spain.

Spain has contributed a lot and has long history which talks about major contributions in the field of designing and arts domains.

2.1 Microenvironment Analysis

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