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Analysis of the Dark Knight film - Assignment Example

Special Review: “The Dark Knight” – An Essay on Ethics and Excellence

❶That is what vigilantes claim to do when conventional legal avenues fail.

The Dark Knight Rises Essay Sample

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From his clothes, we can notice a shirt, with a pattern that resembles a pattern of a nanosilver frame. We understand that digital technologies disfigure the criminal. We also notice other fact — this person does not feel pain and fear.

There was a situation when Batman hit him hard enough, but the latter does not even lose consciousness and does not feel pain because he is frostbitten. We can assume this character is not in a mask, but a character with no mask. Analyzing the activities of this person is extremely important not to become crazy, yet two English men wrote a script for this film. To explain more clearly, the activity of the Joker was expressed in making corrections in the very particular situation.

As the antagonist himself said, he had no definite goals. The criminal seemed to be endowed with providential qualities, and with these qualities, he entered the game. When the Joker killed the staff of the City Hall and the police, who by their ambivalence rejected some people, they became a mafia.

Next, the judge who represents the blind Themis. Then he punished the mafia, suffering from the absence of fundamental ideas. It is possible to say that the Joker struck at the foundations of society, which led this society to a dead end. It is a symbol of the fact that Harvey Dent was to be engaged in the improvement of society. The Joker and his crew could kill in turn and Harvey Dent, but the director singled Harvey Dent to the fore. Harvey Dent in this story causes some sympathy.

In my opinion, he sincerely wanted to be positive, he believed in Roman law and the letter of the law. A nickname Two-faced Harvey, is given because he had particular type of face.

There are only two profiles, each of which seemed to be a separate person. And what did Harvey Dent see? From the part, Harvey Dent himself is guilty of what happened to him.

He lit a Batman floodlight instead of fighting crime in the framework of the Law. It was a kind of sporting interest, as the Joker said, he was not interested in his death and Batman complements him. And how, the synthetic embodiment of evil could complement the Joker, which in turn is a certain principle in physics that attracts charged particles?

After all, the result of this contact was the complete mutual exclusion of all particles. There is no direct connection between Bruce Wayne and the Joker, as the Joker became the product of the system that Bruce Wayne created. This phrase needs to be understood as not only the Joker is evil, but also that the Joker was born of evil. In this regard, we can add that in the future there may be more than one. The film the Dark Knight can be compared with the fragments of mirrors, which are the photons.

In these mirrors are visible reflections of certain characters. They say and do something, but we can not understand the general sense, because this is only part of the picture, and the characters sometimes do not know what they say and do.

However, as Jim Gordon predicted, his presence is also having undesirable consequences. However, at the same time, you could hardly call him insane. When given the chance, even the best of us can be driven to do terrible things.

The philosophical themes of The Dark Knight are never clearly defined in terms of black and white, never quite making the distinctions between good vs. Sure enough, his outward goodness gradually gives way to what society would call madness as the world around him begins to crumble.

Until they get a good look at the real Harvey Dent. Though Batman and Gordon still mostly believe that they acted for greater good and believe that Harvey can come back from his corruption, for Harvey, his face half mangled and his plans for the future stolen from him, this is no longer about what is right, but rather what is fair.

In working with Batman and Gordon and, in essence, society , he believes that fate has left him with nothing despite his efforts to do what was right.

His now twisted rationality leads him to believe that chance is the only thing that determines what is truly right, and with a flip of a coin, any action can be justified. Of course, this being me — and I am admittedly a fairly wordy writer, so I apologize if you are dozing off by this point, but please allow me to further elaborate — I do want to expand on this just a bit more before bringing this review to a close, and I do appreciate your patience, as I cannot help myself!

I obviously love this film a lot, so you can probably guess the score, go check to confirm, and come back to this point if you wish to continue. In the end, Batman finds his own redemption comes at the cost of his reputation. In the end, he may look like the villain, but in truth, he believes that he will be the hero that Gotham needs him to be, working in shadow as their Dark Knight. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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In the movie, "The Dark Knight," the main villain is a sadistic criminal, who refers to himself as the "Joker." This evil, twisted and brilliant character is the arch-nemesis of Batman, the "Caped Crusader" who watches over and protects the much beleaguered and crime-ridden Gotham City. The Joker 3/5(3).

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The Dark Knight The Dark Knight is an action hero film from directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan. It is Christopher Nolan’s second film based on the comic hero Batman, and it’s the second movie to the Batman Begins. The Dark Knight was possibly the mainstream blockbuster to have been released in , therefore it was relevant to be used in this essay. The internet movie database. The Dark Knight.

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The Dark Knight is a legendary film. Plot of the film and scenery are based on comics and this genre is called comic book movie. This article is not a film review in the conventional sense but is rather an essay meant to illustrate my method of analysis.