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What is a précis? The definition

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How to write a rhetorical precis

How should a writer begin to write a précis? The process
What is a precis?
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Hence, a person is requested to read the full passage and present the important matters as in the form of precis. This process involves the precis writing. The following points should be kept in mind while writing the precis. The precis must not exceed one-third of the length of the original passage. The combination of the sentence of original passage should be avoided at the maximum. The original words of the original passage should be avoided at the. If suitable other words are not available, the original words of the original passage may be used in precis-writing.

Different paragraphs are used in precis-writing. At the same time, there must be a continuity from first paragraph to next paragraph. The main ideas or matters of the original passage should be presented in the same order in precis-writing at the maximum. The precis must complete and self-contained and at the same time in lucid and concise. The reader of the precis-writing should understand the subject matter in the same direction and the right sense of the precis-writer.

The precis must be in simple and direct. There should not be any grammar mistake in the precis-making. A precis-writer can follow the following steps while writing precis. The precis-writer should read the full passage thoroughly to get main theme. Once again read the passage for proper understanding of the material facts. Verify the hints to know whether all the material facts are included for precis-writing. Confirm, whether unimportant points and irrelevant points are excluded in precis-writing.

Give importance whether each paragraph is well connected with next paragraph. Now, the first draft is ready. At this stage, the precis-writer can count the number of words. A weary mind turn to it for rest. Such is the function of a home and in some measure of the university. Teaching is the noblest of professions. A teacher has a scared duty to perform. It is he on whom rests the responsibility of moulding the character of young children.

Apart from developing their intellect, he can inculcate in them qualities of good citizenship, remaining neat and clean, talking decently and sitting properly. These virtues are not easy to be imbibed.

Only he who himself leads a life of simplicity, purity and rigid discipline can successfully cultivate these habits in his pupils. Besides a teacher always remain young. He may grow old in age, but not in spite.

Perpetual contact with budding youths keeps him happy and cheerful. There are moments when domestic worries weigh heavily on his mind, but the delightful company of innocent children makes him overcome his transient moods of despair. Teaching is the noblest profession. A teacher himself leading a simple, pure and disciplined life can mould the character of the young children and make them neat and good mannered citizens.

Besides he remains every young forgetting his own domestic worries in the constant company of the young. English education and English language have done immense goods to India, inspite of their glaring drawbacks. The notions of democracy and self-government are the born of English education. Those who fought and died for mother India's freedom were nursed in the cradle of English thought and culture.

The West has made contribution to the East. The history of Europe has fired the hearts of our leaders. Our struggle for freedom has been inspired by the struggles for freedom in England, America and France. If our leaders were ignorant of English and if they had not studied this language, how could they have been inspired by these heroic struggles for freedom in other lands?

English, therefore, did us great good in the past and if properly studied will do immense good in future. English is spoken throughout the world.

For international contact our commerce and trade, for the development of our practical ideas, for the scientific studies, English-is indispensable "English is very rich in literature," our own literature has been made richer by this foreign language. It will really be a fatal day if we altogether forget Shakespeare, Milton, Keats and Shaw. Notwithstanding its various defects English education has done great good to India. The ideas of democracy and self-government are its gifts.

Nursed on English education the Indian leaders were inspired by the Western thought, culture and freedom struggles. They fought for and won their motherland's freedom. English is rich in literature; its master mind cannot be neglected. When we survey our lives and efforts we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings. We notice that whole nature resembles that of the social animals. We eat food that others have produced, wear clothes that others have made, live in houses that others have built.

The greater part of our knowledge and beliefs has been passed on to us by other people though the medium of a language which others have created. Without language and mental capacities, we would have been poor indeed comparable to higher animals. We have, therefore, to admit that we owe our principal knowledge over the least to the fact of living in human society. The individual if left alone from birth would remain primitive and beast like in his thoughts and feelings to a degree that we can hardly imagine.

The individual is what he is and has the significance that he has, not much in virtue of the individuality, but rather as a member of a great human community, which directs his material and spiritual existence from the cradle to grave. Being social animals, human beings have their actions and desires bound up with society. In matter of food, clothes, knowledge and belief they are interdependent.

They use language created by others. Without language their mental power would not grow. They are superior to beast, because they live in human society. An individual life left alone from birth would grow utterly beast like. So human society and not individuality guides man's material and spiritual existence. A student who has to answer the comprehension questions has to understand and grasp the meaning of the passage or article.

The understanding power and level of the student is evaluated in a comprehension test. Hence it is important for students to read the comprehension carefully first and then only answer the questions. The passage or article has to be understood perfectly well before questions are answered. While reading instructions, always take extra care. At times, the questions are tricky leading the student to misunderstand or miss out important points. Consider the context of the answer first. All questions which you know should be answered first.

You can eliminate questions you are not too sure about. Make it a habit to go through the questions first. This will help you to look for relevant answers while reading the passage. Process of fetching answers can be hastened by doing this.

If the passage is read first and then the questions, the chances of losing time are more as you will be reading everything again. There is no point in dedicating too much time on a question that is worth very few marks.

Make sure that questions with more marks are answered first and then quickly finish off the ones with the least marks. You will have to note down the time required for answering every question and accordingly stick to that time, so that all the questions can be attempted in due time. Once you have read the questions and have started reading the passage, make sure you highlight any headings, phrases, keywords etc that can help in answering the questions.

This method will help you save a lot of time, searching through the passage again. While writing down the answers you should not copy chunks of text directly.

To check for avoidable mistakes you must review the paper again at least twice once you are done with answering the questions. If sentences have to be reframed or corrected, then this can be done. In case of answering multiple choice questions, and in case of doubt, importance to reviewing must be given.

Quotation marks will have to be used if at all you will be making use of quotations from the passage. Make sure the comprehension is read at least twice. While answering the questions, the answers have to be from what is given in the passage itself as out outside knowledge is not entertained in a comprehension. Avoid any answer that is not supported by relevant information from the passage or article or they will be rendered as incorrect.

If these few important points and techniques are kept in mind then you will surely be able to attempt the examination and comprehension well and in the process score good marks. Dhanasekaran s December 9, at 8: Humna Chaudhry February 19, at Musa Mallhi May 17, at 1: Information October 15, at 7: Sashi Bhushan April 24, at Riaz khan May 27, at Shahab Ali February 25, at 7: Prasanta Chakraborty March 10, at 9: Fayaz Hussain September 9, at 8: Unknown May 31, at 2: Shraddha Sabale May 31, at 2: Shahab Ali February 25, at 8: Fayaz Hussain September 9, at 9: Training tips May 30, at 4: Unknown December 4, at 7: M Ghafoor February 27, at Judie Manuel April 15, at Jitender Sharma April 19, at Shahsawar Khan April 26, at Unknown June 18, at Sathish Kumar July 2, at 7: Kinza Mahi July 29, at M Waqas August 6, at 7: Marlene Saffan September 20, at Wajahat Ali October 23, at Chaudhary Talha Umer October 30, at Yusuf Jolly Ayawira November 16, at 3: Unknown January 10, at Malik Adeel January 18, at 4: Unknown February 12, at 8: Unknown June 24, at 4: Amar Rajput November 2, at Iftikhar Anjum November 15, at 4: Lahore Education January 14, at Essay Pro May 1, at 4: Unknown May 22, at 5: Unknown June 27, at 2: Maroosh Maryam June 27, at 2:

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Before writing your précis, make sure you have a glance over the original to make sure you have not missed anything. Finally, a wise policy would be a count the words of your precis and put them down in a bracket at the end.

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A precis is a summary. Precis writing is an exercise in compression. A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. A precis should give all essential points so that anyone reading it will be able to understand the idea expressed in the original passage.

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The word “Precis” is a French word. An English word is developed from this French word as “Precise”. Precis means a summary and precis-writing means summarizing. Therefore, a lengthy passage is presented in a few words without affecting main idea or theme of the passage under precis-writing. Now precis-writing force you to pay attention to what you read; For no one can write a summary of and passage unless he has clearly grasped its meaning. So summarizing is an excellent training in concentration of attention.

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Write a one or two sentence summary of each section or subdivision of the article. Reread the article to compare it with your summary notes. Begin writing, using your paraphrase of the thesis and your one or two sentence summary statements. Precis Outline. Writing a critical precis follows a fairly rigid format template that sets it apart from any other form of review or summary.. Start off by introducing the passage that you are about to summarize.