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The collision between the two cultures Jess inhabits is evident in the scene where her soccer mates quickly redress her into the traditional Sari dress in the change rooms before rushing back to her sisters wedding. The use of costume in this particular scene highlights the clash between the two cultures. Jess is dressed in a traditional Sari, whilst her team mates are wearing the clubs soccer uniform which is western style modern looking. The blue sari Jess is in symbolizes how she is not coping well with the challenges she has been faced with in an attempt to make her dream of playing football professionally a reality.

It also illustrates how Jess is encountering many difficulties in trying to balance the two most important things in her life, her family and football. The director has made good use of costumes and camera shot in this particular scene to help the audience understand the many difficulties Jess is faced with. The clash between the world of soccer and her Indian heritage is also evident in the scene where she is practicing her goal kicking using the free space next to the Saris hanging on the clothesline.

This illustrates how Jess has encountered many difficulties in trying to balance her passion for football and Indian Culture. The use of props in this particular scene also helps the audience to understand the many problems Jess is faced with. The use of lighting in the film also helps illustrate the many difficulties Jess encounters. Not only was Beckham someone whom Jess looked up to as a role model, the poster of him is also something she feels comfortable talking to considering they both had the same interest in football.

The light is shining brightly on the wall covered in pictures of David Beckham, whilst Jess is sitting in the darkness.

The light shining on Beckham illustrates how he is living the life, with all the fame and making a fortune out of doing what he loves best, playing football, whereas Jess on the opposite hand is trapped in the darkness, unable to follow her dream of playing football. Jess is the complete opposite, contrasting with her sister as she is running around kicking a ball something that would not be predicted for a female of her race in a football kit, surrounded by fans and her team mates, who are now like her family.

Another reason why the idea of challenging gender stereotypes is important, is because it teaches the audience to stand up for themselves and be who they want, not what people expect them to be.

The director uses cinematography — a low angle shot on Jess near the end of the film, where she is informing her parents about her opportunity to fly over to America for university. This angle makes Jess seem superior and mightier than her relatives, who have a high angle shot on them, resulting in them looking vulnerable.

This technique helps the audience understand that Jess is speaking out for herself, telling her family what she wants, and what she would like to be in life. This effect made me think about how confidence can get you far throughout life and speaking out for what you believe in can sometimes be the right thing to do. In conclusion, the most important idea in Bend It Like Beckham is challenging gender stereotypes. It is important to the film because it teaches the viewer to be themselves, no matter what others expect of you.

Thus he has an very negative attitude towards the hockey player when he gets invited to the hockey tournament and it was he was also being very stereo typical towards the maori players since they were playing in a much more casual level in comparison the a professional hockey player, thus showing lots of judgement.

He was also furious when the narrator told him that it was not really a legitimate tournament. He was okay with that thoe gradually this was good for jerry because it taught him the importance of mixing with different people and that professionalism is not everything. Home Essays Bend it like Beckham. Bend it like Beckham 7 July

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Movie Review: Bend it Like Beckham Bend it like Beckham is a good movie, what I noticed most about it is the time conflict coming in different directions, similar to the conflicts experienced with the generations in Joy Luck Club. 3/5(10). Bend It Like Beckham is a film that covers important issues about different cultures existing together and about minority culture in the western world.

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Nov 15,  · We have to write an essay on Bend It Like Beckham, I've started writing a bit but I'm not sure how to start my next paragraph can someone please help me? This is what I've come up with so far. In the film 'Bend It Like Beckham' by Gurinder Chadha, Jessminder Bhamra is an Indian girl who lives in London. She wants to become a Status: Resolved. Bend It Like Beckham takes Jess' perspective seriously, treating her as a girl with a complicated experience, understandable ambitions, and messy emotional responses to restrictions that will be familiar, in various ways, to viewers her age as well as those who remember what it was like to be that age. Need help with your essay? Take a look.