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Research Paper – Cyberbullying and Social Media Part 1 of 3

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❶Whereas bullies can easily find an excuse for attacking their peer, too shy, introvert and overweight individuals are most likely to become victims of bullying attacks. This type of reaction appears as a consequence to the outrage and disappointment of losing the game.

Social Media Bullying: Modern Warfare

Cyberbullying: A whole-school community issue

Therefore, the individual peculiarities which previously could make students objects of traditional bullying have now been transferred to cyberspace, making some individuals victims of aggressive attacks and revealing the overall lack of tolerance and empathy in modern community. Even taking place online, cyberbullying may have serious consequences for its victims in the real world. In some cases, the abusive messages may have almost hypnotic effect on a person.

A skinny girl, who is constantly called fat, can end up believing this claim and distorting her own body image under the influence of someone whose only goal is to have fun and boost their own self-esteem. Along with the unhealthy messages sent by mass media and beauty industry, cyberbullying attacks distort self-perception of modern females, having a negative impact on their eating habits and relations with others Willard, , p.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are extreme but widely spread consequences of distorted body image and cyberbullying. Therefore, repetitive aggressive attacks can have long-lasting effects on personal development and psycho-social well-being of a victim. Cyberbullying is an important problem of modern education system.

Even though girls are more likely to be involved in cyberbullying than boys, the victimization as a result of aggressive attacks in the form of offensive pictures, video clips, text messages or phone calls can have serious negative consequences for the psycho-social wellbeing of both male and female students.

Another main type of bullying? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 29 2 , — Cyberbullying victimization and behaviors among girls: Applying research findings in the field. Journal of Social Sciences 6 4 , - Responding to the challenge of online social aggression, threats and distress. Please kindly note that this research paper example is provided for reference purposes only.

Cite it according to the rules of the requested citation style. If you want expert help with getting resources for your individual project, feel free to place an order at https: Hire a personal writer and save plenty of time.

Services provided by Place4Papers. If you use an assignment written by Place4Papers. At one time, a child can be the bully and shortly after become the victim Jacobs, Cyber bullying can take different forms, which may include one or a number of the following acts. It may involve sending threatening, vulgar and mean images or messages, posting private and sensitive information about another person and excluding someone deliberately from a social online group. Cyber bullying can as well be as simple as continuing an email sent by someone and sending it to someone else with unfriendly information about someone else.

It can also entail making fun and teasing someone and defamation. It can as well be websites created where kids can vote against other kids. Recent studies and statistics reveal a shocking trend in the rise of cyber bullying in the recent past. The national Crime Prevention Council has given reports that cyber bullying affects more than half of the American teens.

In a report by the ABC News in , a survey was conducted on students in the grades between and gave the following findings. This clearly shows that a very large number of teenagers are being involved in cyber bullying and their parents or teachers are not even aware.

Cyber bullying has become so prevalent in America for several reasons, One of the reasons is that the bully usually remains anonymous and it becomes easy to bully without the risk of being caught. The other reason is that bullies are normally instigators in nature and with the cyberspace, hey are able to involve other students in bullying whom in real world, they would not involve in bullying. Cyber bullying therefore provides a convenient way to bully others sine the victim's reactions remains unseen Shariff, Children also take up cyber bullying for other reasons, which include jealousy, revenge, and anger, and sometimes, they take up bulling for just entertainment.

Some students also take up bullying so that they can feel better about themselves and to try to prove to other students that they are more powerful. They may try to do these to students who appear to be doing better than they in class or in other areas are. They may also bully other to revenge against an event that occurred to them where they were victims and now they want to be the bullies.

The first instance cyber bullying we are going to look at was the one that led to the suicide of Ryan Patrick Halligan. Patrick was 13 years when he committed suicide, it is reported that he received instant messages while online from his schoolmates in middle school referred to him as being gay. He was constantly insulted, taunted and threatened due to his learning disorder.

One of the bullies used te information about an examination Patrick had had from a hospital and started to spread a rumor about him being gay. After that, Patrick had shared some information with a girl who pretended to like but only did this to get some private information about him.

This information was spread across his classmates. At one point, Patrick told the girl that its people like him who make him want to commit suicide. These messages frustrated Patrick so much after the girl called him a loser in school and prompted him to commit suicide.

After his death, the girl felt so guilty of Patrick's death that she had to seek forgiveness from his parents and sought permission to be taken to his house. The girl now moves around the country with Patrick's father talking against cyber bullying. The person who started the gay rumor also apologized though it still affects him Shariff, The other incident we are going to look at relates to s student called David Knight. A website about him had been created and was active for a long period without him being aware until a classmate informed him.

When he went to check it out, he found the website with his photos and message welcoming people to make fun of him. There were hateful comments sent to him and his family members. There was an email sent to him saying he was gay, immature, and no one liked him. This website made David's life in school a living hell as he was taunted, punched and teased.

Worse still, an abusive website had been made and this made his life unbearable. This made him to eventually leave school and had to finish his final year studying at home. David's mum reports that after this incidence, he started withdrawing and isolating himself from people.

This is one of the harmful effects of cyber bullying. Another instance of cyber bulling is of a schoolchild, Jodi Plump; aged He was so horrified to discover that a whole website had been created for her. The website was about her weight and a death date for her, she discovered about the website when she saw a girl taking a picture of her and said it was for the website.

This greatly affected Jodi's studies and she was extremely upset about it. Cyber bullying has bad and serious effects on both the bully and the bullied. The first and worst consequence of cyber bullying is the fatal outcome of such instances. The failure by children to report to adults and the relevant authority figure has led to many children committing suicide due to the depression, which results from cyber bullying. Reports in the USA today, show that at least three children of between years of age committed suicide because of cyber bullying LLC, The other consequence of cyber bullying is that the victims begin to fear associating with other people.

This is usually the main intention of cyber bullying. Victims start avoiding their friends and activities as they start seeing them as enemies especially in cases where the victims do not know who the bully is; this leads to great emotional damage. Children who had never been involved in cyber bullying had the highest grades, had fewer cases of health problems and portrayed high self-esteem.

Bullying also leads to victims acquiring aggressive behaviors as they try to fight and defend themselves against the bullies. Children delinquency has been on the increase because of cyber bullying Limber, The bullies, on the other experience emotional disturbance in cases where their victims have gone beyond what they had expected. For instance, in the case where Patrick was pushed to commit suicide, the girl who had pretended to be a friend was so traumatized and blamed herself for the death of Patrick.

Also the other boy who had initiated the gay rumor about Patrick burst into tears when he was confronted and apologized for what he had done.

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AN INFORMATIVE RESEARCH PAPER ON BULLYING (BULLYING AT SCHOOL) Bullying is a disturbingly common occurrence in many neighbourhoods, playgrounds, online, and in different grade level at school in the United States. The fact that children have and are being harassed by other children has been described in many works.

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Before developing an essay outline, the author should research to gather relevant information to present why cyberbullying is different from the normal bullying. The research should gather facts to present how cyberbullying is a .

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The Introduction To Cyber Bullying Media Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 18th May, Last Edited: Through my research I hope to reach a conclusion on whether there is a chance for cyber-bullying to be stopped. A Cyber-bullying research survey. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Cyberbullying: A whole-school community issue Conclusion. Technology is great and offers fantastic opportunities for children. However, the technology can be misused, and this can be very painful for those, both children and teachers, who are the targets of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying Research Paper. In its traditional sense, ‘bullying’ can be defined as an aggressive intentional and repeated behavior of a group or an individual against a victim who cannot defend him or herself. Cyberbullying is an aggressive and repeated behavior carried out online, using electronic forms of contact, such as mobile phones.