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What types of figurative language are used in the poem "Still I Rise"?


❶Laughs like a drain no, really - common expression down our way. These articles will help you with metaphors in poetry and plays.

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Complete Study Guide to Figurative Language

If you've ever gotten into a very hot car on a very hot day, you might have concluded that the car was simply an "oven. Metaphors have been powerful throughout literary history, and you'll need to learn how to read and interpret them to become an accomplished student of literary techniques. These articles will help you with metaphors in poetry and plays. Hyperbole is the extravagant art of exaggeration for rhetorical purposes.

To create a sense of urgency, or the absurd, writers will incorporate exaggeration into their writing. Sometimes it's on a small scale, as a girl believing she won't live through the night if she can't go to the mall with her friends; sometimes it's on the scale of an entire work, as in the Shel Silverstein poem "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout," the little girl who simply would not take the garbage out. These articles will help you look at poems with hyperbole, and a few other devices, and come away with understanding.

There are several different other devices that are also examples of figurative language. Personification, for example, involves an author giving an object, idea or animal the ability to do things that only people can do. In the world of personification, fortune smiles on some of us — and leaves others of us in the cold. Allusions refer to people, places or events outside the story.

For example, in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," the "bootleggers" represent an unfamiliar term to modern readers; to people in Fitzgerald's time, though, the shady figures who delivered alcohol during the Prohibition era were a well-known phenomenon. Meiosis is another figurative device — it means the opposite of hyperbole, or understatement. You may use this with your parents if you get a 50 on a test by telling them your grade "was all right" or "wasn't that bad.

These and other figurative devices will make your own writing richer, and knowing how they work will make reading more enjoyable. How to Use This Guide For many students, reading and understanding figurative language is like a fish taking to water for the first time.

Write Like There's No Tomorrow: Once you are able to own figurative language and use it to present your ideas clearly, you can become a master of language.

Let's begin by analyzing the following examples to test your newly found skills. The bust of Pallas on which the raven alights adds to the ancient feel to the narrator's tale. His question, "Is there balm in Gilead? For a more complex poem using allusion, try "The Love Song of J. ALfred Prufrock" by T. Nothing suits hyperbole more than a love poem. Burns claims he will love his "bonnie lass" till all the seas dry up, the rocks melt with the sun, and the sands of life run dry.

He also claims he would walk 10, miles to see his true love again. For another example, check out "Auguries of Innocence" by William Blake. Keats begins the ode by directly addressing the artist who painted the picture on the urn. He comments on the art and questions the images throughout the poem. Try another ode if you need more examples. The entire poem's understatement is emphasized with its last word, suffice , which means to be adequate.

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