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Help with cosmetology homework...?

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I have experience within the education field. I help with Education within my career now. I love to help people grow and learn.

I am always open to new things as well. I am currently a college student and am learning myself. I hope to one day work for a beauty college. My name is Brittany I have been a licensed cosmeto Over the course of the 13 years my son was in school I identified learning problems, one of which turned out to be ADD without hyperactivity.

When my son's school first tested him, they said he was fine. On demanding a second educational evaluation, his disabilities were clearly identified. Unfortunately, the school conrinued to ignore his special learning needsw. I began to research the field, and determined that his needs could not be met in that school system.

At the beginning of fourth grade, we moved to another state. At once his needs were addressed. I was involved at every step, attend Read more. Lisa , I am a nearly twenty year Cosmetology vet, with 15 years submerged in Retail, Management, and Education. I am a Lead Teacher at a local Cosmetology school here in the Valley, and feel I can be the perfect support for a student in need.

I have a natural teaching ability and a knack for educating in a democratic and simplistic technique. As a Montessori teacher I can adapt to any learning ability and create a fun and comfortable learning environment I have over 15 years experience in the Cosmetology Industry starting as a stylist, then I transitioned to salon management and currently instructor.

I continue to educate myself by continuously attending workshops and conferences to stay current with beauty trends; as well as classes pertaining to education development. I have a deep passion for t I tutor currently enrolled beauty school students as well as students or previously licensed professionals who have let their license lapse and desire to re-challenge state board.

I can tutor you in cosmetology, esthetics, manicure, hairweaving and student instructor. I have the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to help boost your confidence, accuracy, speed, grades, and overall improve your study habits. If you are taking the Texas or national exam I can help you! I moved here about a month ago from Illinois. I know, totally far right!? I have loved tutoring and helping kids understand schoolwork since I was in Kindergarten. I've always been an accelerated learner, and therefore have had many opportunities to aid my teachers in helping kids with their areas of struggle academically.

I've been teaching for over ten years. I have taught English and all levels of ESL english as a second language reading, writing, listening, speaking, accent reduction and pronunciation classes. Which includes things like hair styling, cutting, coloring, shampooing, manicures, waxing, facials, etc.

This career is not only for woman, it is also great for men. There are not any benefits that are definite.

When you find a salon to work at, you discuss benefits with the person who hires you, but if you own your own salon, you have no benefits, but you can decide your own vacations. As a cosmetologist you usually would work a full work day. Most people work 44 hours a week, but some work 48 hours or more. There are many ways to get schooling to be a cosmetologist.

You could go to either a public or private vocational school, which some high schools offer. You could also go to a beauty school. You must be 16 or older to go to a beauty school. In your classes your training courses may include lectures, demonstrations and practice. Students usually practice with mannequins. After schooling, you must take a state licensing exam consisting of written and practical parts.

You renew that license every two years by taking the test again each time.

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Cosmetology Research Paper According to the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, a cosmetologist is anyone. Cosmetology is the professional skill and practice of beautifying the face.

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