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You must create content to garner strong SEO, but text is no longer enough. Modern search engines give preferential treatment to websites featuring visual marketing assets, from custom images and infographics to live video and animated clips. Enhance your content marketing and support SEO by incorporating media into your strategy.

Visual content marketing engages website visitors and helps your content stand out from competitors. Social media can be leveraged to help boost SEO standing, making it an integral part of modern optimization efforts. Brafton social media strategists design robust campaigns to generate website traffic, increase brand awareness, grow social links and demonstrate thought leadership.

In conjunction with website-focused content marketing efforts, social strategies boost online presence while targeting potential customers where they spend their time. Organic sharing of your website is among the most important SEO ranking factors, and UX plays a major role in whether visitors will share your site with others.

Our SEO consultants can identify potential problems with your website UX and recommend fixes geared toward providing an enjoyable experience that is more likely to be shared. Achieving SEO friendly content is not a one-and-done affair. It requires continual upkeep and constant content production to support relevance and value in the eyes of target audiences and search engines. SEO best practices are always evolving, with some changes toppling once highly-ranked websites and forcing them into the oblivion of search engine results pages.

Brafton writers, strategists and consultants pride themselves on staying up to date with SEO changes, providing appropriate recommendations to clients to keep SEO strategies effective for your business.

We ensure that your SEO copy is well ahead of the curve. What is it they want to know? What are your most frequently asked questions when speaking to a new prospect or working with a new customer? The answers to these questions give important insight into what your target audience is searching for online. Internet users search for solutions. The more active, relevant, and informative content you can publish online, the more searchable your business becomes.

Reliability grows trust with users that find or follow you online. Your competitors also know the basics of how to be found online, it is up to you to build that unique trust with your online audience that will help put you above the rest. Being reliable is part of what makes your search strategy an important, on-going effort.

Being consistent in providing new updates or information about your business and opening up more forms of two-way communication for your business through online solutions, are two of the biggest favors you can do for your online success. Here-and-now content is not only reliable; it is relevant. Relevancy is the main focus of a good SEO strategy.

Your social media strategy works side-by-side with your content strategy. Each time you have business information to update — new hours, closing times, or a new location — you make the update to your website and announce that update through social media. When you update a new page, provide a new answer to a frequently asked question, or roll out an exclusive online offer, your website is the hub for this new content and social media is your announcement. Social media provides an important element of two-way communication that allows you to listen to prospects and customers as they comment, email, and request more online.

Website content, also known as web copy or onsite content, are the words associated with each page of your website. Search optimized web copy will be unique and focused. We provide website content writing services to produce your web copy as needed. Copy writing includes on-page search optimization. Blog content is another source of onsite copy — providing consistent, searchable content direct from your business or brand.

New blog content is a great solution to showing search engines your site is relevant and regularly updated. We provide regular onsite posting solutions to keep your followers engaged and your social media strategy fueled with content direct from your website.

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