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I Didn'T Do My Math Homework - Poem by Kevin Quero

i didnt do my homework because poem

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All My Great Excuses
Kevin Quero
Christal Carpenter

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Why I Didn’t Do My Homework by Christal Carpenter..I was to busy daydreaming Daydreaming about the fair To busy daydreaming That he would meet me there I was to 5/5.

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essay on indian health service I Didnt Do My Homework Because Poem resume writing service yahoo answers do professional resume writers work/10(). I Didn't Do My Homework Because is an imagined series of absurd excuses for why the protagonist didn't do his homework. (view spoiler) [Alas, they don't work because it /5.

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Because she knows more than I do And needs to let the world know. I'm sorry I didn't do my homework last night I'm sorry I didn't do my homework last night. 4 years ago. i think this poem is amazing. this exact same thing happened to me my sophomore & junior year but i survived. i envy how easily you can express yourself with words. it. I Didn'T Do My Math Homework by Kevin Quero..I didnt do my math homework I played video games instead I need a good excuse Or else Im surely dead I could say I was sick Or there was a blackout. 5/5(1).