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Masters At Work: A Peek Inside the Springfield Armory Custom Shop

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❶Bender , Jan 11, The breech face needed polishing, but would cause a headspace problem.

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September 23, 2013

I can provide pictures of you'd like. The third issue is the bevel on the bottom edge of the slide. I've attached a picture but it's much more evident in person. May I have the ball cuts evened out and back to the dustcover, the bevel by the slide stop notch evened out, and an EGW 'flat bottom' FPS installed please? Thank you, Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2: Custom work issues Mr.

Williams, My apologies for a second email but I didn't want to forget; the Performance rear sight the shop installed is tilted. I can stick a. I've attached a picture showing the gap. Thank you, From: Wed, Dec 2, 2: RMA Good Afternoon Xxxxx, In regards to your ball cuts as we recall, ball cut points are even on each side of the slide but the frame was off on the one end of the dustcover.

The tech did not remove material from your frame to eliminate the possibility of making a gap between the two dust covers.

The tech can take a look at it and see if he can clean the ball cuts up a bit more. The firing pin stop — have to look at it when the pistol comes back. The bevel on the slide was the best that could be done without interfering with the notches. The bevel cannot be exact with your other pistol or the pictures. Let us take a look at your pistol and see what can be done. Wed, Dec 2, 3: Custom work issues Hey xxxxx — we will take a look at the sight also when addressing the other issues.

Thank you — please include a letter or this email in with the pistol for the tech. Amanda K Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 3: Amanda K; Dave Williams Subject: I've attached another picture using the straight edge to give true perspective.

I also measured with the calipers and the ball cuts are off in relation to the slide. The carry cuts however are correctly lined up in all aspects. I've attached a picture showing how I wanted the ball cuts aligned when I put "Ball cuts, back to the dustcover" in my letter. Regarding the bevel on the slide; I've attached a new picture and if you look at the slide stop notch the left bevel is further out.

I'm just looking to get it to match the one on the right side of the notch. I've attached a picture showing run the old factory stop and the new one. While the new one is slightly less angled I'm looking for a true small radius, just breaking the edge. I've always heard through the forums that SACS's work is always on point so I'm not sure what happened with this pistol but after waiting for two months to have it returned so uneven is very disappointing and surprising.

Please understand, Amanda, I'm not upset with you, I know you didn't do the work. I will compile all the pictures and write a detailed explanation to include with the pistol. Any assistance you could lend in helping my place in line would be greatly appreciated! Wed, Dec 2, 4: RMA Hey Xxxxx — more detail the better for tech and we will address when we receive your pistol in right away. Letter sent with pistol: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to work on my pistol. The issues are the following: Thank you, Xxxxxx RMA A week goes by with no contact.

Friday, December 11, RMA Hi Amanda, I saw my pistol arrived on Monday and wanted to touch base and see if they've had a chance to look it over. I also wanted to give you a secondary phone number, my main cell has been having issues recognizing my sim card. Fri, Dec 11, Williams to come back from an business trip to inspect. He should be in the office next week and I will contact you after he evaluates the pistol.

Thank you, Amanda K 2 weeks go by with no contact. As far as I know, based on what I was told, my pistol has been sitting there for 3 weeks with no movement.

Mon, Dec 28, 2: Unfortunately it's been three weeks that my pistol has been there without even being looked at yet. This is obviously concerning to me as the problems I sent it back for can be easily verified visually. Between it sitting there an extra week after supposedly shipping until I called wondering where my it was, to the issues upon its return, and finally just trying to get the problems acknowledged has left me quite flabbergasted.

Is there any updated information you can provide me? Thank you and have a happy New Year! RMA I will be out of the office and will not able to reply to your email.

I will return Jan. Please forward your email to custom springfield-armory. Amanda K From: Dave Williams;Amanda K; Subject: RMA Hello, I was supposed to be contacted weeks ago regarding several issues with work on a pistol I sent in. Amanda never got back to me so I emailed her and found out she'll be out until the 4th.

Below is the email chain and the quote is the email I just sent to Amanda. Can someone please get back to me? This is getting exceedingly frustrating. Mon, Dec 28, 3: Mon, Jan 4, 8: Once we receive the part, the tech will give me your paperwork to call you.

Sorry for the time frame. EGW shows them in stock, what gives? Friday, January 08, 4: RMA Hi Amanda, I'm not sure if the shop is waiting for a large order from EGW that is held up or something but by Monday the 11th I'll have been waiting 2 weeks just for the firing pin stop, and 14 weeks since I first sent in the pistol.

At this point can I just have my gun back please? I'll buy a firing pin stop and fit it myself, you guys can even keep what I already paid, I would just like my gun back please. My information on file is still valid, but just in case my address is: Xxxxxxxx Thank you, From: Mon, Jan 11, 1: He only ordered one to get it here right away. He called and it was shipped last week so we should receive it any day. Totally up to you — let me know for sure.

Monday, January 11, 1: I'll go ahead and give it a couple days. If I haven't heard from you by Wednesday I'll drop you an email so we can get it shipped back to me before the weekend starts.

While these models are safe, meaning the gun cannot just go off, they may require no more than gripping and pulling the trigger to fire. Nothing wrong with that but some of us like to additionally have an actual mechanical block requiring user action to allow the gun to fire or be made safe.

It just depends on what you prefer. Me, I don't mind having to turn the safety off in order to fire my guns. There are plenty of aftermarket safety options to consider. Some are larger than others, while some have a very low profile. In all cases this work needs to be done by a competent and experienced gunsmith who understands the operation and care of the pistol. One of the many awesome things about the is that it remains the ultimate handgun for customizing and "making it your own".

You can personalize your gun to fit your carry and shooting needs. You can check out the Springfield Armory Custom shop for some options on cool things to have done to your pistol. No part of this website may be reproduced without written consent of Springfield Armory. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Customer Service Contact Blog. If you feel the desire to personalize, here are several options to pursue.

Tac-light If you have an accessory rail on your , you might consider equipping it with a tac-light. New Grips Everyone has different hands, so new grips can give you a personalized fit.

Thumb Safety One of the bonus features of the the pistol is its well-designed thumb safety.

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The best custom handguns are available at Springfield Armory. We sell many of the best pistols such as customized XD-series and handguns.

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Springfield Armory Custom shop price sheet - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. SA custom shop price sheet5/5(1).

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Find great deals on eBay for springfield armory custom shop grips. Shop with confidence. Custom Shop Springfield Armory A ACP caliber pistol. Custom shop target model with adjustable sights, upgrade features and 2-tone finish. Excellent condition.

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Jan 11,  · Done with Springfield Armory Custom Shop (SACS) work Discussion in ' One of the reasons I send custom work to custom gunsmiths versus a custom shop because of the personal relationship you can have and knowing who is actually working on it. I do hope you get it all worked out Addicts is the premiere Forum for enthusiasts. It’s called the Springfield Armory Professional A1. This gun defines the Springfield Custom Shop. f you want one of these at list price, you’re waiting months for them to get to your order.