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1. Fantastic Fairy Houses

❶These techniques are easy, and all they require is just a little bit of patience. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them.

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2. Cat in a Hat Pop-ups

Christmas Tree Napkin Holder. Easy Christmas Napkin Ring. Paper Tube Christmas Tree. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crown. Is there anything spookier than crafting with toilet paper rolls? Well yes, many things are scarier than that, but you can make some festive Halloween toilet paper roll crafts with the ideas below!

Toilet Paper Roll Ghosties. Toilet Roll Goody Bats. Trick or Treat Owl. Looking for even more toilet paper tube craft ideas?

Our popular roundups below are great collections to explore. If you're looking for fun and creative things to do with toilet paper rolls, you've come to the right place.

You probably didn't know that you can make crafts for Halloween, Fourth of July and St. Patrick's Day, but it's actually so easy. Toilet paper roll crafts are ideal for kids because they aren't sharp or difficult to work with.

They are also extremely malleable, so you can bend and fold them as much as you want. These 22 uses for toilet paper rolls are practical, pretty and so much fun. Don't be afraid to experiment and try something new - there are always more toilet paper roll crafts to make!

In addition to creating cute kids crafts, you can design your own ornaments, party favors and even stamps. These toilet paper roll craft will keep you busy and help you go green. Don't throw away a toilet paper roll ever again! Instead, use this precious material to create a variety of fun and interesting projects that the whole family can enjoy.

With great projects for both kids and adults alike, this printable eBook is a great resource for learning how to recycle these cardboard tubes. Download this printable collection today! You and your kids or grandkids can make gorgeous projects using toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Get some great new ideas with the projects featured in this collection. These techniques are easy, and all they require is just a little bit of patience.

How to Prepare Recyclables for Crafting: Learn the answer to: Be the first to upload your own image for this craft! I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it. Click the button above or drag and drop images onto the button. You can upload two images. We are adding your Comments. I have been saving my toilet paper empty rolls and also my paper towel rolls for this!

I'm so excited that there are crafts for children as well as adults. I'm preparing to create a wall hanging using my toilet paper and paper towel rolls that is the size of at least 18x The instructions are clear and the pictures are very detailed. I think most of the projects I've seen have been more geared toward children. Though, if it held enough sophistication, I don't see why TP rolls can't be used for adults as well. So many great ideas. I hate throwing these things away because I know there are so many possibilities!

I especially love the candy poppers idea. I made this four panel wall art with paper towel and toilet paper rolls. It took some time, but the results were well worth it. After completing, I spray painted them with a bronze-y brown paint. No one can believe they were once TP rolls. This is gorgeous, bwilson ! I definitely can't believe this was made out of TP rolls. This is really really awesome! I agree with you, no one can believe they were once toilet paper rolls! If only I can see a larger picture of the project How did you do it?

I mean, did you draw the pattern first, then shaped the toilet paper rolls on the pattern you drew? Well, that's the only thing I can think of right now D. I also use these to wrap my yarn ends around when I only have a few feet left. I cut a slit in one end to hold the yarn onto the tube, wrap it around and secure the other end in a slit-no more unraveling and snarling in my yarn bag!

You could always spray them with antibacterial spray and then paint with acrylic varnish when dry. That way they can be wiped over with antibacterial wipes as often as you wish. Honestly, if someone gave my child a "toilet paper roll stuffed with treats", I would throw it in the garbage. Neither would I consider them sanitary for napkin rings. Why not use paper towel or plastic wrap holders, cut in half, instead? I would never use them for food or anything going from hand to mouth.

That's an awesome idea, hegwitch! You can easily cut wrapping paper tubes down to size. What a great collection! These are awesome and perfect for the kids! I really love your ideas. Thanks for posting it! We did a toilet paper roll snake project out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! Toilet Paper Roll Snake Project. Feel free to submit any ideas you'd like posted to us: I prefer using paper towel rolls, they are stronger.

Wax paper, foil and the smal press and seal tubes are fun to use. I think filling a used toilet roll which is potentially crawling with E. It's just wrapped candies! My elementary school did this as a fundraiser for our Quebec trip. Wrap the roll in tissue paper, tie the ends with ribbon, fill with candy. They were always a huge hit.

I have 3 more uses for toilet paper or paper towel rolls. I put my kitchen tongs in one so it takes up a lot less room in the drawer. I also store my plastic bags in them. Keeps them in tight quarters. If I'm transporting a large, sharp knife vacation, cookout , the tubes keep the knife safely tucked away. Those are all amazing ideas! I love the kitchen tongs one!

My kitchen tongs are always taking up a ton of room in my kitchen drawer. Thanks so much for sharing! Awesome ideas here and I love your featured project!

Feel free to link it up to my Toilet Paper Roll Challenge for a chance to win some goodies: Here's a link to making a book using toilet paper rolls.

I'm in the process of making one myself right now. Been saving up rolls for months! My favorite thing for which to use them is seed starters. Cut them in half. You can untie them and plant tube and all, thereby not disturbing the roots of the young plants.

Melissa, glad to see you used my favor use for tissue rolls. Sometimes I cut them in half and decorate the rolls before pulling a cord in them. Also use paper towel rolls when traveling. There are a lot of uses for both kinds or rolls in and around the house.

Not sure where you got your paper, mine still comes on a cardboard roll. Never seen it on a plastic roll. Are you sure you would like to report this comment? It will be flagged for our moderators to take action.

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Recycle your paper towel tubes by making a paper towel roll kaleidoscope. It's fun and easy, and it's something kids will enjoy making. Use the scissors to cut it out, and then draw three lines lengthwise on it, with one line close to the edge. Fold the plastic along the lines to make an elongated triangular tube, with a thin strip along the one edge folding up on the outside of the triangle. Tape the triangle closed by placing tape along the edge lengthwise.

Put the plastic triangular shape into the paper towel roll lengthwise. Cut a circle of construction paper that is the exact size of the circle at the end of the paper towel tube, and tape it to the end of the tube. Use the toothpick to poke a hole in the center of the circle.

Press the square of plastic wrap into the tube's other end so that it is like a little pouch. Place the confetti, sequins, beads, or plastic pieces into the pouch. Use the rubber band to secure the waxed paper square over the plastic pouch to keep all the little pieces in. Cut the corners off the squares.

Tape the wrapping paper on the outside of the tube. Your paper towel roll kaleidoscope is now ready to use. Hold it up to the light and look through the hole while turning the tube. You'll be amazed by what you see! This simple rain stick craft brings the outdoors inside. It also provides a learning experience for little ones.

Creating this craft may conjure up happy memories of your own childhood! Help your child cut a square out of tissue paper. This will cover one end of the paper towel tube. Repeat with several more layers of tissue paper, about three per end. Using a rubber band or masking tape, help your child secure about three layers of tissue paper squares to cover one end of the paper towel roll. Help your child pour the uncooked rice into the open end of the tube.

Cover the other end of the tube with tissue paper squares. Help your child decorate the rain stick with markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, glitter, and stickers. If you have leftover tissue paper, help your child cut out shapes and glue them to the rain stick.

Show your child how the sound of the rice moving around in the paper towel roll is like the rain falling outside. Clean up any mess with Bounty paper towels! Bounty Select-A-Size lets you clean messes you thought you needed a big sheet for.

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Today I wanted to share some cool paper towel roll crafts for kids! It’s great to use recycled items like this and make them into art projects.

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TOILET PAPER ROLL CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Ideas for Easy Arts & Crafts Activities, Instructions, & Projects Using Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls & Cardboard Tubes for children, preschoolers, teens It is never too early to teach your children about the importance of recycling and the best way to teach them is through fun crafts.

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Easily store paper towel rolls Cottonelle CleanCare Family Roll Toilet Paper (Pack of 36 Rolls), Bath Tissue, Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Rolls with Clean Ripple Texture, Sewer and Septic Safe by Cottonelle. Find and save ideas about Paper towel rolls on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Toilet paper roll art, Toilet paper art and Tissue roll crafts.

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Here are fun and imaginative ways you can craft with paper rolls with kids. These crafts are also environmentally friendly! Start saving up all your paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls for crafting! There are so many fun and imaginative ways to craft with these paper tubes! 18 Arts and Crafts Projects for Toddlers Kids Crafts Tips. Mar 08,  · You've saved them for one reason or another and now it's time to make those toilet paper roll crafts! With this collection of 62 Uses for Toilet Paper Rolls, you're sure to find something fun and decorative to do with those cardboard tubes! Out of all the recycled craft ideas out there, crafts /5(26).