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Write an essay on my school

❶The students put on a white pair of socks and black, polished and shining, shoes.

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Long and Short Paragraphs on My School
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Saying regulations do temporarily bring to formulate always re-write, from the notice of the. Free topic, free essay. Essay do my homework at night - receive the needed essay here and. There is a great deal of emphasis on punctuality and cleanliness.

Teachers insist on students being neat and tidy in their uniform. The uniform is very smart looking. While girls wear a white shirt and grey skirt, boys wear a white shirt and grey trousers, both with a black belt.

The students are particular that their clothes are spotlessly clean and well ironed. The students put on a white pair of socks and black, polished and shining, shoes. For sports and games, students put on their white canvas shoes. We study many subjects at school. We learn languages like English, Hindi-our national language, and Sanskrit. There is also a choice to learn one foreign language like German or French.

The other subjects we study are physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geography and history. We sometimes go to the laboratories for demonstrations in topics in physics, chemistry and biology. I love my school. The large school building has forty classrooms accommodating about thousand students. There is a beautiful fresco at the entrance depicting the sun. It signifies the rise of the sun of knowledge.

There are lush gardens with beautiful plants and trees. In spring time splendid flowers bloom. The huge trees are a hundred years old, planted when the school was set up. We are also offered foreign languages like German, French and Russian which we may choose to learn. There are many new things we learn each day at school.

Besides studying in the classroom, we also have some practical sessions in the science laboratories. We also have a large computer room where we learn to use the latest computer models.

We also have access to the library that hosts more than a thousand books and publications. We not only read in the library, but also issue books that we can return after a week. There are also a number of co-curricular activities that we get the opportunity to participate in. We sometimes go on trips outside school that are educative and fun.

At school there are a variety of extra-curricular activities that we can take part in. There are large playgrounds where students can play sports like cricket. The facilities for outdoor sports like basket ball and lawn tennis, and indoor games like table tennis and billiards are also available. We also have facilities for learning music and playing the guitar, piano and the sitar. Classical dance, art, craft and theatre are some of the other activities we can be a part of. We also get the opportunity to participate in intra-school and inter-school events.

Our teachers teach us with patience. They look after us with great care and concern. At school we are expected to be punctual, disciplined, and neat and well-turned out in our uniform. The teachers are also strict because they want us to be well-groomed and disciplined individuals of society. I love going to school. Each day I learn many new things and do different activities at school. Our teachers work hard to teach us so we become good and enlightened citizens of the nation.

Our teachers are our role models. We study many different subjects at school. Our teachers lay emphasis on punctuality and discipline. The students are also expected to be neat and tidy. We are always well turned out in our school uniform. While girls wear a white shirt and blue skirt, for the boys it is a white shirt with blue trousers. There is a black belt and a blue tie too. With white socks we wear black shoes. The school has a large library with over a thousand books.

We can read in the library and also issue books each week. There are thirty rooms. All the rooms are spacious and well ventilated. There is a big library, a science laboratory, and one office room in my school. Our library has thousands of books. There are many magazines. Students may be seen reading there in the hall.

There is a large playground. It also has a beautiful garden.

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We hope these My School paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs in simple words and with small sentences. Students can select any paragraph on My School according to their particular requirement.

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Here is your short paragraph on my school: All of us have been to schools and we all like our schools. I would like to tell a few things about my school and why I like it the best. Advertisements: I study at the Kendriya Vidyalaya School. It is linked with the Central government and, [ ].

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write a paragraph on your country. write a paragraph on visit to the zoo. May Write a paragraph on your school. By mazhar in Class Seven, Class Six, J.S.C., S.S.C., Uncategorized; My school. The name of my school is Rasulpur govt high school. It is in Gafargaon Thana under Mymensing district. May 30,  · My school's name is St. John's School. It is not far from our house. I go to my school every day on foot. Our Principal's name is Father D'Souza.

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My school also giving assignments to us as writing detailed can Get professional college essay writing help on All students assemble in the playground in the morning for Morning Prayer and then go to their respective class rooms. The paragraph below is just a guideline for you to help you write your own essay in your own words. When you are asked to write about your SCHOOL, try to include some of the following points.