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Essay on Social Networking

Consistency Counts (So Build A Social Media Style Guide)

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A great example is keeping in touch with your high school friends. Since people go to different colleges and move away, it would be difficult to catch up on a regular basis with phone calls every day. But since people can see status updates and pictures, it is much more convenient. This means that those relationships do not have to go away.

Facebook can also be great for new relationships as well. Facebook was built around virtual communities such as colleges, clubs and groups. Within these groups, there is a lot of opportunity to meet others that you would not usually have a chance in meeting. You can see who their friends are, what interests they have and what they are saying everyday via their status update. Basically, the profile page gives a huge amount of personal information about the person to start with Ellison One example is people who meet others as potential romantic partners.

Greenfield clearly outlined that. A last good example is the number of friends that people have online compared to friends we have in real life. Meeting new people is a really easy option when using Facebook. As people form groups and virtual hobbies with others online, they are exposed to their profiles. Many people struggle with approaching others if they do not know them, leading them never to interact with that person, but social networks such as Facebook could help these problems of shyness.

As mentioned in the article by Michael S. While on the other hand, if the person has to go face to face and start a conversation, many times it does not go all that well.

This is possible because shy people tend to get the most out of sites like Facebook out of the fact that it is not as socially risky Baker Shy people can feel a lot more easy-going when they are talking to others online.

Thus, Facebook is a great place if you are shy and want to even talk to people that are around you. Since the fear of making mistakes is not there when they are online, shy people can feel a lot more comfortable. This makes a huge impact on people that are too shy to interact with others.

Approaching people through a social network is much easier than having to do it in person, and it is the beginning of having a relationship with that person, since they can start talking by these networks, and then slowly getting to know each other face to face.

An example of this would be a teenage kid in school who likes a girl in the lower grade. The kid knows who the girl is, but has never had any type of interaction with her. By becoming friends on Facebook, he can now start a relationship through this media, and start to talk to her through the computer, which will lead him to meet her in school and start a relationship.

This is a perfect example of how Facebook is a really good thing for certain people. Without it, these people would not have other good choices in interaction. While Facebook gives these great chances to make friends and keep in touch, the problems of privacy and being made fun of are still existent known as cyber bullying. Just like people pick on each other in person, the internet is another place where this can happen to.

We read all the time that kids are made fun of because they are gay or look different. These problems are just the same in the real world like they are online.

Not everyone wants their parents to see them drinking and going out to parties, especially if they are not These problems make Facebook a difficult thing to manage and gives evidence of why it is not such a great communication tool to use. However, Facebook does give you privacy controls over the information that you share. You can really easy just make it so that when people try to find you via search, not everything comes up. This is a great way to hide information and other stuff that you do not want to give out to random strangers.

Facebook gives you the choice and control over what you want to share with others. As a good example, if you have a job and your boss adds you as a friend, you may feel like you have to accept it.

But, you may not want your boss to see all the stuff that you do on your free time. So, you can choose to just show to them specifically what you want them to see. This is an easy way to hide stuff that is personal or potentially damaging to you in anyway. This is only possible because. This takes care of most of the privacy and security concerns with other people seeing your profile. With the control that Facebook gives you over your profile, you do not have to worry about the wrong people seeing what you are doing every day.

It does not matter if it is a complete stranger or your own mother, your information that you put up is still your own in terms of control. Another safety risk that is not such a big deal in the Facebook site is danger of sex offenders.

But as much as people talk about them being a bad problem, the case does not apply in the all online interactions. This shows that just because the news and other people talk about it being dangerous, does not mean that it is so. Rather than assuming that sex offenders look to kids on Facebook to have sex with them, it is important to look at the facts.

If the internet in general is a dangerous place for kids, it is not ok to assume that it is true for all aspects of it. Instead, they use other types of communication that is not controlled as much. However, since Facebook is a much more tightly controlled type of space to communicate in, it does not have the same dangers. Lastly, some may argue that social networks could affect people by having fewer face to face relationships, since they can get addicted to talking on the computer and only socializing via internet.

This is incorrect since being able to know people faster and easier by these networks will help getting to know more people and will help the social life of that person. Just because you are on the internet and on Facebook does not mean that you are losing interactions with other people.

The study reported that. Just like it helps shy kids deal with difficult situations, it helps others too with people they interact with. It may be easier to ask certain questions or have talks online because it takes out the aspect where people can be embarrassed read another Ultius research paper on social media.

However, there are negative parts to it because of the privacy and security risks of other people seeing your information and contacting you. Most people talk to others that are close to them and they see face to face often. Facebook also lets you talk to people that you used to spend time with but moved on in life by going to college or moving to a different place.

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We Like to Write is a new social network for writers and bloggers. Professional and amateur writers are welcome to connect and respectfully debate, as well as collaborate with each other on projects.

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Social Networking. Essay samples by My essay With the advancement in technology, communication has grown. It is now easier and cheap to communicate and connect with people across the world.

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Don’t join these sites to try and sell your writing and make money. These social networks are meant for making connections with other writers, potentially interacting with fans, and learning more about writing. 2 Responses to The Best Social Networking Sites For Writers. Arpita says: November 2, at am. You’ve been assigned a social networking essay, and it sounds really great, because you’ve finally gotten an assignment that at least somehow touches your real life. Social Networking Essay: What Makes Social Networks Addictive? So, you sit down and start writing, but soon after you find out that your essay looks like a blog post.