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Apostrophe as a Literary Device: Meaning & Examples

Examples of Apostrophe in Literature

❶Make a list and definition of the different Literary Devices of Poem?

Apostrophe Definition

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Definition of Apostrophe

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Difference Between Apostrophe as a Literary Device and Apostrophe as a Punctuation Mark

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It is important not to confuse apostrophe, the literary device, with the apostrophe punctuation mark (‘). The punctuation mark shows possession, or marks the omission of one or more letters (contraction).

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Definition of Apostrophe More commonly known as a punctuation mark, apostrophe can also refer to an exclamatory figure of speech. The definition of apostrophe as a literary device is when a speaker breaks off from addressing one .

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Apostrophe. Definition: O, the apostrophe, how we love thee! Nope, we're not just talking about the punctuation mark. In poetry, an apostrophe is a term used when a speaker directly addresses someone or something that isn't present in the poem. Video: Apostrophe as a Literary Device: Meaning & Examples This lesson provides readers with a definition of the literary device apostrophe, as well as several examples in different kinds of texts to ensure comprehension and the reader's ability to .

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An apostrophe is a figure of speech or literary device where an absent or nonexistent person or thing is addressed as if present and can understand. In poetry, an apostrophe is a figure of speech in which the poet addresses an absent person, an abstract idea, or a thing. Apostrophes are found throughout poetry, but they’re less common since the early 20th century.