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❶Antigone In our society today, movies and television shows are being broadcast all over the world to many genders, races, and ages. Being a Hero Thesis:

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Antigone is one of the lucky townsfolk to be born of a royal house, yet is unlucky to be born in the House that she is born into. As Antigone defies Creon's law, she is cast into a pool of danger between what she believes is right and what the state's law decrees is right.

As Antigone is charged with the burying of her brother, an action which the King has declared unlawful, she holds like stone to her undying gratitude for her deceased brother. She holds to this thought because of the fact that she believes that her, who died fighting against the state, must be interred with the same honor as her brother who died defending the state.

She believes that this will help lift the curse plagued on the household. The curse in which there father tried to hold at bay and failed. Her sister Ismene warned Antigone by exclaiming "Sister please, please! And how his mother-wife in one, twisted off her earthly days with a cord. And thirdly how our two brothers in a single day each achieved for each a suicidal Nemesis" This has already gave Antigone the mind set that even the Gods are against her will.

She is also up against a great foe in fighting that of Creon's edict. Ismene has said this: Remind ourselves that we are women, and such not made to fight with men. For might unfortunately is right and makes us bow to things like this and worse" So as one would believe Antigone sees herself as not only on who can defy the power of the Gods but the power of the state. Thus she would be up against an force greater than her own. Second, another characteristics of a tragic hero is that the person does not always fit into society's mold.

The tragic hero is usually one who wants change, yet also needs the peace that goes along with stability. The fact that the tragic hero also usually thinks that they are in there right mind when yet the rest of the society thinks that they are mad. Antigone has said "Say that I am mad, and madly let me risk the worst that I can suffer and the best" Antigone also must believe that she must be different from not only society but members of her family. Creon notes on this when he is asking her about his proclamation "O, she's the man, not I, if she can walk away unscathed!

I swear I hardly care if she be my sister's child, or linked to me by blood more closely than any member of my hearth and home This should also show one that Creon does not care about her nobility and that he will treat her just like one any other member of society. Lastly, Antigone is inherently destroyed by the one thing that is her tragic flaw: This was also a downfall of her father Oedipus.

This pride could also be confused with honor. Antigone not only defies Creon's edict but also makes a mockery of it when he asks her about it.

When asked if she knows the edict her exclamation is "Of course I knew. Was it not publicly proclaimed? This line clearly shows that Antigone has knows that she broke the edict and also is not shamed to admit it to the creator of the edict himself.

She almost revels in telling Creon about it. Antigone also shows that she choose what to do not based on the law of the state but on the laws of the Gods. Antigone also embellishes her statement by telling Creon that he is a fool to judge her on what she has done.

And if you think I am a fool, perhaps it is because a fool is judge" If anything this clearly states that she has excessive pride for what she has done and will make sure that Creon knows this and her unfeigned gratitude for her dead brothers. As one can tell the role of a tragic hero is one that Antigone plays well. Although she dies at the end of this play, Antigone feels no regret in what she has done.

She also shows that she is proud of the fact that she never denied burying her brother. One would infer that although of her death, Antigone died for what she believed. This is the utmost characteristic in the portrait of a tragic hero. Antigone See all college papers and term papers on Antigone. Need a different custom essay on Antigone? Buy a custom essay on Antigone. Need a custom research paper on Antigone? In looking at the first few exchanges between Ismene and Antigone by Sophocles, it is greatly apparent that there are plenty of so Aristotle described a tragic hero as being a person who, through a flaw, in their own character, is brought from a high position a Antigone is a Greek tragic piece that stresses the use of power and morality versus the law written by Sophocles.

Two sisters destined to love each other, but conflict interrupts their paths. One of the most devastating problems for the Classical Greeks was the women's issue. Women in Classical Greece were not citizens, Sophocle's tragic play Antigone, written in BC, is a theatrical piece of drama in which an audience is compelled to empathize In our society today, movies and television shows are being broadcast all over the world to many genders, races, and ages.

In everyday life, the outcome of your day can be altered by the simplest or most complicating choices. Antigone's decision to bury Antigone did the right thing by defileing Creon's strict orders on burying Polynices because the unalterable laws of the gods and The debate over who is the tragic hero in Antigone continue on to this day.

The belief that Antigone is the hero is a strong one. This poem is quite successful in getting the plot across to the reader. Unfortunatly, that is all he can get across because of his Antigone, by Sophocles, is a play that has three major themes. All three of these themes play a very important part in this play. The play entitled Antigone was written by a man named Sophocles, a scholarly author of philosophy and logic. The play Antigone is In Master Sophocles' Antigone, the question of who the tragic hero really is has been a subject of debate for a great number years Need A College Level Paper?

Antigone Find more results for this search now! Please enter a keyword or topic phrase to perform a search. Suffering in Antigone Nothing of magnitude comes into the life of mortals without suffering and disaster.

Absolute power struggle In the story Antigone, the King of Thebes, Creon, showed that too much power will corrupt anyone.

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During Antigone’s time, many laws and beliefs are set that greatly restrict women’s roles in society and the state. Antigone, the protagonist, possesses the character of a strong-willed human, unlike most of the women of their respective times. In Antigone, Antigone demonstrates a very strong- willed personality throughout the entire play. - Creon as the Tragic Hero in Antigone This essay will compare two of the characters in “Antigone”, Antigone and Creon, in an effort to determine the identity of the tragic hero in this tale. To identify the tragic hero in Sophocles’ renowned play “Antigone”, we should first consider both the elements present in Greek tragedies and what characteristics define a tragic hero.

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