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Short Essay on Elephant

Short Essay on Elephant

❶It is found in India in the dense jungles of Assam, Mysore, Tripura, etc.

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The Elephant Essay in English
Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English

It lives in the dense forest. It also has a long trunk from head to the ground. It is found in the forest of Africa, India and Burma. An angry elephant is very dangerous. In the past, it is used in the war or battle-field. It is a strong and intelligent animal. It is also useful even after its death. The elephant is the largest land animal on the earth.

Its legs are like pillars, and its ears are like fans. It has a huge head with two very small eyes. It has a pair of white tusks. It loves to eat branches of trees, bamboo, leaves and fruits. It is a pure vegetarian animal. The wild elephants are always very dangerous. But the pet elephants do many useful works. They can carry heavy loads. A pet elephant is kept in a zoo or circus.

It shows tricks in the circus. They are very talented and faithful. Many valuable things are made out of its tusks. The elephant is the biggest living animal on the land. It looks dark grey and ugly also. It has four pillar-like legs, two very big ears, two small eyes, a small tail, two tusks and a long trunk.

The trunk of the elephant is like the hand of man. It uses its trunk as a hand for eating and working. It can also break up big branches with the help of its trunk. The elephant-like to eat leaves, branches of trees, fruits, etc. They like to bathe and swim in the rivers and streams. It is very useful when it is tamed. It helps us bring large wood logs from the forest. Its physical appearance totally differs from the other animals.

It has four legs which are very strong and looks like pillars. It has two eyes which are very small in comparison of its body. It has two big ears, a head, a mouth, two ivory tusks, a long trunk and a short tail. It is an herbivorous animal which eats green grass, herbs, grains, fruits, stem, roots, bread and other eatable vegetarian things. It is a mammal which gives birth to a baby elephant and feed her milk. Generally it is a wild animal but it is also a social animal which does not harm anyone.

It can be said that it is a calm as well as revengeful animal. If someone teases it; it becomes danger to the society and begins to hurt everyone who comes in its way then no one can control it. So we should not tease it. Elephant is an useful animal, used by humans according to their needs. They train it for doing works what they like to do. Some of the uses of elephants are:. Elephant is a very useful animal.

It helps us in various ways. For the some people it is a way of their earnings. It is a social animal which no harmfulness to the human beings. It serves humans whole of life and after the death also. After all these good qualities people disrespect it and tease it very much. They create problems and make its life hell.

So, we should try to be humble towards him and always try to make an atmosphere in which it can survive easily. When we think about a wild animal which is big and huge, we uttered the name of elephant. No doubt, it is a biggest mammal on the earth. It has big size body of grey color. It has a big stomach, four strong legs, two big ears which seems like fan, two small eyes, a long trunk, two big canine teeth which are known as tusks. It has thorn protected skin which very thick.

However, its skin is very hard but it is too much sensitive. It has small hairs on whole body. It is very obedient and intelligent animal. It has a strong sense of smell, excellent hearing power but the poor eye sight. Elephant is not a beautiful animal but it is liked by children very much.

They like to climb and play with it. Some interesting facts about elephant are:. There are two types of elephants which found in two regions, Asia and Africa. African elephants are differ from Asian elephants in various ways such as; it is bigger than the Indian elephants, both males and females have tusks, etc.

Elephants have close relation with water. Not only it drinks water but also it likes to play and swim in it. It uses trunk to draw and drink water. At a time, an elephant can hold around four liter water in its trunk. During the summer, elephants spent too much time in the water. It throws water over the body to keep body cool. A huge body animal looks ugly but it is very useful. It is faithful wild animal. Most of the people use it according to their needs. They keep it in their houses as their tame.

It is very obedient animal and follows all the instructions of its master. It is a social animal and creates no harm to society. But sometimes, it becomes angry. The angry elephant is a danger to society and other animals. Angry elephant crushed everything which comes in its way. So we do not tease it and take care of it. A very well known wild as well as a semi-domestic huge animal is elephant.

It is very obedient, intelligent and calm nature mammal. It walks majestically which gives it a royal look. In ancient time, kings were used to of ride over it. It was also used in wars. For these qualities, it is also called as royal animal. Generally it is calm nature animal as well as short temper and revengeful. If someone riles it again and again, it loses its temper and becomes very dangerous. After training the elephant, it can be used in various ways according to the need such as; circus master use it as an entertainer, mahout use it to carry heavy loads from one place to another place, etc.

Elephant is a clumsy, grey colored, and huge body animal. It is a four-footed mammal which has two large ears like fan, two small eyes, two ivory tusks the biggest form of canine , a sloped head, a mouth, a long nose known as trunk which is merged with the upper lip of his mouth, a short tail with a tuft of hair at the tip and a big back as well as the big stomach.

Its physical appearance makes it differ from the other land animal. Basically, it is a wild animal but after its training it is used as a domestic animal. Thus, it is categorized in the semi-domestic land animal.

African elephant is the largest species of elephant which is huge and biggest land animal. Its body growth is continuing for up to 30 years.

The male African elephant may reach the height of around 8. The female African elephants have not much difference as they reach the height of around feet 2. The male and female African elephant both have tusks. In Africa, it is found in sub-Saharan, rain forests of central and west and Sahel desert in Mali. Asian elephants differ from African elephants in several ways.

Its scientific name is Elephas Maximus and it is smaller than African elephants. It grows up to 6. The female Asian elephants have no tusks, only male elephants have tusks. In Asian continent, it is mostly found in Nepal, India and Southeast Asia in scrubs forests as well as rain forests.

There are three sub-species found in India:. Its height is around meter. Its skin color is lighter than of Maximus. This species of elephant is found mostly in Sri Lanka.

It is the biggest species of Asian elephants. However, Sri Lankan elephant has less predisposed to growing tusks. It has darker color than Indicus elephants. Though, elephant is a wild animal but after training, it can be used for various purposes.

So, it can be said that elephant is a social animal. Being a wild animal, elephant is an useful to humanity in various ways. Even, it is very useful in comparison to other wild animals. After a little training, it can be a best tamed animal. People used to hunt for its tusks and bones which are very costly.

Essay on Elephant

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Elephant Essay 1 ( words) Elephant is a very big animal. It lives in the forest however it is a pet animal also. Some people keep it at home as a pet animal in order to earn money through circus.

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Essay on Elephant Short Essay on Elephant. Following are the short essay on elephant for students under words limit of , and words. Students can use any of these elephant essay according to their need and requirement in the schools.

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An elephant is a very huge animal. It has four legs like pillars, two large ears like big fans, a long trunk and a short tail. The male elephant has two long teeth known as tusks. The elephant is a very huge animal. It is ugly also. It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. It is called a royal animal. The elephant is very clumsy. It is huge. It grows a height of about 10 feet. It is usually coarse dark in color. its .

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The elephant is perhaps the strongest and the largest wild animal in the world. The elephants can, however, be tamed and trained to serve their masters. The elephant has four legs which are fat and long like pillars. It has two large ears like big fans, a long trunk, but a short tail with a tuft of. An elephant is a big animal. It is the biggest of all land animals. They are very faithful and intelligent. We have provided the essay on an elephant for school students.