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Essay on Anabolic Steroids

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❶Low blood glucose levels hypoglycemia may be caused by pancreatic tumors over-production of insulin , starvation, hypoadrenocorticism, hypopituitarism, and severe exertion. If you're not familiar with them, The Merrian-Webster Dictionary defines an anabolic steroid as, "any of a group of synthetic hormones sometimes taken by



While injectable steroids in oil or water base don't rattle around like pills do, there is still the problem of bulk size and overall weight of the package when it comes to getting the steroid drugs past Customs. This is why smugglers have begun heavily marketing and distributing paper anabolic steroids: It is already virtually impossible for Customs to intercept paper anabolic steroids.

For example, even if Customs intercepts a package containing a piece of paper with square grids printed on it, it still looks like a harmless piece of paper.

The only way that Customs could determine if the paper had been soaked in steroid drugs would be to lab test the paper. Is Customs going to lab test millions of pieces of paper a day coming into the U. No, they aren't because that would shut down the flow of ordinary commerce completely. Some smugglers are reportedly experimenting with shipping other kinds of paper anabolic steroids to avoid detection. Now, overseas pharmacies don't print any squares on the paper, or take it even further.

The overseas pharmacies simply soak ordinary plain paper in steroid drugs, and then write a personal note like "Hi Jimmy, thanks for visiting Or the overseas pharmacies soak an ordinary greeting card in steroid drugs to make their own unique paper anabolic steroids product.

There are literally a million ways to smuggle paper anabolic steroids past Customs. It would be impossible to lab test every single piece of paper in the mail going into a given country.

For this reason, those overseas pharmacies selling paper anabolic steroids have very little chance of being caught.

After the war, doctors in Europe and the U. Two decades later, Dr. Zeigler found that testosterone was the key ingredient in these steroids and soon they were out on the market and readily available. Steroids are commonly used in medical practice, curing such things as allergic reaction and arthritis, but also more serous illnesses like some types of cancer.

Steroids are also obvious quick fixes for hormone deficiencies or abnormal production, and to imitate stimulation of muscle building androgens Dempsey They are most often used to replace testosterone in ill-functioning or non-existent testes.

They assist in healing muscles faster, reducing the amount of down time the athlete will need and increasing the amount of time that can be spent at the gym. Posted by effectivepapers at 3: Newer Post Older Post Home. Of the diagnostic methods available to veterinarians, the clinical chemistry test has developed into a valuable aid for localizing pathologic conditions.

This test is actually a collection of specially selected individual tests. With just a small amount of whole blood or serum, many body systems can be analyzed. Some of the more common screenings give information about the function of the kidneys, liver, and pancreas and about muscle and bone disease.

There are many blood chemistry tests available to doctors. This paper covers the some of the more common tests. Blood urea nitrogen BUN is an end-product of protein metabolism. Like most of the other molecules in the body, amino acids are constantly renewed. In the course of this turnover, they may undergo deamination, the removal of the amino group. Deamination, which takes place principally in the liver, results in the formation of ammonia.

In the liver, the ammonia is quickly converted to urea, which is relatively nontoxic, and is then released into the bloodstream. In the blood, it is readily removed through the kidneys and excreted in the urine. Any disease or condition that reduces glomerular filtration or increases protein catabolism results in elevated BUN levels.

Creatinine is another indicator of kidney function. Creatinine is a waste product derived from creatine. It is freely filtered by the glomerulus and blood levels are useful for estimating glomerular filtration rate. Muscle tissue contains phosphocreatinine which is converted to creatinine by a nonenzymatic process. This spontaneous degradation occurs at a rather consistent rate Merck, Causes of increases of both BUN and creatinine can be divided into three major categoriesprerenal, renal, and postrenal.

Prerenal causes include heart disease, hypoadrenocorticism and shock.

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Paper Anabolics are an excellent chemical alternative to their tablet counterparts not only by virtue of the fact that delivery is virtually guaranteed, but because many reports in suggest that users will experience greater gains with less negative side effects, e.g. stomach complaints, etc.

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The Paperbol Enterprise The story of British Dragon gets intertwined with the story of the first “paper steroid” enterprise. Pattaya Thailand is where the whole “Paperbol” saga started. More specifically, this all began at the Chevin Gym. Upstairs from the gym was a set of apartments. Here lived three key players.

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Many underground overseas pharmacies selling anabolic steroids to customers in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Australia (where anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription from a licensed medical doctor) have recently started heavily marketing and selling paper anabolic steroids. Steroids, paper steroids, paper anabolics paperbol paperstrol paperdrol papervar injectables Anabol Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

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Oct 28,  · Paper AnabolicsSimply put, paper anabolic steroids are most commonly sheets of highly absorbent edible rice paper soaked and saturated with the steroi. Feb 01,  · So what exactly are these? Someone was talking/recommending them on another site and I was a tad confused. At first glance, I would have to assume that they are sheets that are soaked in the chemicals. The person mentioned paper Dbol and paper OT. Has anyone heard of this? Would you even be able to say the doses per paper tab would be accurate?